Giants finally come to terms with their mistakes, fire Joe Judge

According to reports, Joe Judge, head coach of the New York Giants, has resigned after two seasons.

According to reports, the New York Giants have fired Joe Judge, their head coach, after only two seasons.

There were moments in his first year where the Giants seemed to be headed in the right direction. However, they turned into the worst football team of 2021. This team was badly constructed, and the Giants only seemed to get worse each game. It was almost like watching a bad high-school football team play football. They were completely miserable.

After this terrible season, Dave Gettleman, the Giants’ former general manger, also resigned.

After two seasons, the New York Giants fired Joe Judge as head coach.

The Giants are not at rock bottom, but how can they get lower? They are far worse than their stadium rival, the New York Jets. The Jets are in the AFC East and look terrible. They do have a head coaching, a general manger, a young quarterback, and a direction. Although the Giants are proud of their accomplishments, they seem to be losing talent with each hire.

This is the cornerstone NFL franchise in the country’s biggest media market. Every Ben McAdoo has succeeded Tom Coughlin since. A former New England special teams coach actually let a quarterback steal a third-and-9 from within their own 10-yard lines. Although the Giants have two top-10 picks they are still worse than the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Gettleman and Judge must be replaced.