Big decisions are ahead for new Dolphins coach, Tua Tagovailoa.

MIAMI — The Miami Dolphins have fired Brian Flores Monday. They are now one of eight teams looking for a head coach in this offseason.

The Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross has hired four head coaches. None of them had ever held this position before. Ross declined to answer questions about his hiring plans. He said he doesn’t want to hire Jim Harbaugh, the University of Michigan coach. However, he was open-minded about whether he would prefer an experienced coach or an upstart assistant.

Ross said, “You’re right, experience does help.” “But if there’s someone who’s exceptional and has been a football coordinator or in another position, I will take that seriously.” We are open to all possibilities.”

No matter who watches the Dolphins sideline, there are many important moves that need made between now September.

Howard, a cornerback, has been the Dolphins’ top player for the past two years. He’s had a combined 15 interceptions during the previous season. After Howard asked for a trade, the Dolphins reworked his contract to pay him more in 2021. But if he isn’t satisfied with his contract, it’s in Miami’s best interest to deal with him again.

Howard answered a question about his future in the organization before the finale and said that he was a Miami Dolphin until someone says something.

Spotrac reports that Byron Jones will be the third highest base salary ($14.4million) of any cornerback in NFL next season. This gives Miami a solid starter to anchor its secondary if Howard isn’t retained. However, the new coach must decide how crucial Howard, a three time Pro Bowler, to his defensive scheme.

Ogbah, a Dolphins defensive end, is also unrestricted and free this offseason. Ogbah has had 18 sacks in his two seasons. Spotrac has estimated his market value at $10million per year. The Dolphins have roughly $70million in salary-cap space.

Gesicki, an excellent tight end, is the obvious choice to continue as the second-best pass-catcher on an offense lacking playmakers. Jaylen waddle (104 catches) was his closest competitor. Gesicki’s production was slowed down a bit, but he still set career records in receiving yards (780), targets (112), and receptions (73).

Miami could also look to Durham Smythe who is unrestricted and free, or Hunter Long, the 2021 third-round draft pick. Gesicki, however, is the best option and pass-catchers will be in high demand on this roster.

Find an offensive identity

It all starts with the creation of an offensive staff. This was Flores’ Achilles heel over his three-year tenure. He had four offensive coaches, four line coaches and three quarterbacks coaches. The offense ranked 27th overall (‘19), 22nd ‘20 (‘20), and 25th respectively (‘21).

This task is made easier if Ross and Chris Grier are able to hire an offensive-minded coach. The coach who has a defensive background must be experienced as an offensive coordinator. The defense of Miami, which finished 15th in the overall rankings after dominating down this stretch, is playoff-caliber. It is time for the other side to catch up.

To add more talent to the offense, Miami’s new coach will need to work closely with Grier.



Keyshawn Johnson and Paul Finebaum discuss why the Dolphins will trade Tua Tagovailoa to a better quarterback.

Ross maintained that Tagovailoa had “no role” in Flores’ firing decision, but he made interesting comments when asked what he expects of Miami’s next coach.

Ross stated, “I have a lot confidence in Tua and you know, whoever the next head coach is will work with him.” “But I have a lot confidence in [Tagovailoa]. I was there to see him develop. He’s a great young man.

Right now.

It seems like a hollow endorsement of the former No. 5th overall selection. Tagovailoa’s 2021 season, which saw him go 7-5 as a starter, with 16 TD passes (and 10 interceptions), was inconsistent. He was also marred by injuries and he showed enough to merit another year of evaluation. The Dolphins’ new coach needs to determine if Tagovailoa will fit into his future plans.