David Culley “moving forward” with confidence that he’ll be the Texans head coach

David Culley’s first job as a head coach was not one to be envied.

Culley was an assistant for decades before being offered the role of head coach with the Texans in 2021. The Texans were in transition and hired Culley to guide its veteran players looking to prove their worth in the NFL. Culley’s success as a head coach earned him the respect of all who saw him. Culley led the Texans in four wins, including two in their final month.

Culley’s Texans played an entire season without their embattled star quarterback, Deshaun Watson, and ended up handing the keys to third-round rookie Davis Mills. The season that followed was impressive, even though it was far from a title run. Culley was able to keep his job, despite the difficult circumstances that he had to face.

As of right now, the Texans believe so too.

Culley announced Monday, “As far I know, I am the head coach of Texans right currently and I’m moving with that.”

Culley is entitled to be given the benefit of doubt in analyzing his first season with the Texans. Houston was a popular destination for veterans looking to play in the NFL again and possibly earn a second chance at life after 2021. Some of those veterans — Mark Ingram, Anthony Miller and Whitney Mercilus — didn’t last the entire season before they were either traded or released, leading some to believe a mass exodus could be ahead.

Instead, the people who stood together rallied around Mills who produced enough game tape to instill a belief that he could be Houston’s next quarterback.

Culley stated that Mills “recognized a lot of tips and tricks about how to prepare.” Tyler Milner, Sports Radio 610. “First in, last out. You can watch the video but not understand it. You’re starting to see him smile more … He knows he has a long way to go but progressing nicely.”

It was one of the least desired jobs in the NFL. This was especially true considering the fact that the person who was awarded it would have to deal the Watson speculations until the matter was resolved. It remains unresolved as of now. However, Culley was able to manage the situation more effectively over time, keeping his players focused and on the weekly task at hand.

Culley’s debut season was highlighted by wins over the Titans and Chargers. Culley believes that more are in the future.

Culley stated, “We expect a huge jump next year.” “We were disappointed that we won only four games. We should have won more. … We will draft more players. (General manager Nick (Caserio), who will be adding through free agency. We look forward moving forward.

Culley’s firing after just one season seems cruel on the surface. It is not like he was given the same tools that other first-year coach, and this is without mentioning the ongoing situation with Watson. Houston’s decision-makers gave him some room for leniency.

They appear to be in agreement, Caserio included. Culley will not be getting a free pass anytime soon.

Culley stated that “you’re judged each year”. Aaron Wilson, Sports Talk 790. “I was not satisfied with the amount of wins that we received. I had hoped to get more. It’s a business that makes a profit.

In 2022, that will be the case. This season will be played after Caserio had completed a full offseason to enhance the team’s roster. Culley’s four wins and victory over the top-seeded Titans in the AFC’s Houston season finale is enough to convince Caserio to bring him back for a second season.