Cowboys playoff scenarios: What’s at stake vs. Eagles in Week 18?

Dallas can only control their Eagles matchup, but Dallas will need to be prepared for playoff implications.

The Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Cardinals in Week 17 cost them the chance at the No. NFC.

That doesn’t mean Week 18 doesn’t have plenty of major implications for the Cowboys‘ playoff future.

While Dallas knows they’ll be playing in the postseason, their seed and opponent are very much hanging in the balance.

Cowboys playoff scenarios for Week 18

  • No. 2 seed = DAL win + TB loss vs. CAR + LAR loss vs. SF + ARI loss vs. SEA
  • No. 3 seed = DAL win + TB win vs. CAR + LAR loss vs. SF + ARI loss vs. SEA
  • No. No.

Dallas must win a lot of games in order to be awarded anything other than the No. 4 seed.

They will face the No. They can face the Cardinals or Rams if they are a No. 4 seed, depending on how the game between San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Francisco ends.

The Cowboys were a No. The Cowboys were a No. 3 seed and would play the 49ers.

In the No. A rematch with Eagles is possible in the No.

Dallas missed the playoffs in 2020 and 2019. They won their last playoff game in 2018 when they beat the Seahawks, then lost to the Rams.

Dak Prescott, his team and others hope to make it past the first round. Dallas made it to the NFC Championship Game the last time they reached that stage in 1995, the Super Bowl’s last victory. The difference between the No. The difference between the No. The difference could be as simple as 2 seed and No.