Cowboys fans will love Micah Parsons mentality on beating ‘bully ball’ 49ers

Dallas Cowboys LB Micah Parsons is already a fan favorite but he’ll pick up even more cred thanks to his answer about playing the “bully ball” 49ers.

The Cowboys will face off against the 49ers on Sunday in the NFC Wild Card Game.

San Francisco has had to scrap their way to the postseason by leaning into a “bully ball” mentality, which means being physical on both sides of the ball at all times.

Micah Parsons, a rookie Cowboys player, was interviewed about his experience facing a team with this mindset. He was unfazed.

Cowboys LB Micah Parsons, Cowboys, prepares to bully a bully when he faces the 49ers

“I’m from Harrisburg where the bullies get bullied,” Parsons said, Jon Machota, [Update News]. “At some point, it’s gonna take someone to stand up and fight. I have never been afraid to take on a challenge. Never would I say that you can bully an lion. Ever.”

With additional comments about facing the physical 49ers squad, he added fuel to the flames.

“I don’t think nobody’s gonna hand their equipment in and say, ‘hey, we can’t beat the 49ers, let’s go home.’ Nah. We’re gonna knuckle up and focus in on the details,” Parsons said, Bobby Belt of 1053 the Fan.

This will be Parsons’ first taste of playoff football but he’s certainly brought a lion’s mentality to his debut season in the NFL. The rookie recorded 84 tackles, 20 tackles loss, 13 sacks and three pass breakups in 16 starts. He’s one of the favorites for the NFL Rookie of the Year Award.

He’s been backing up his talk all year. He’ll be making his mark on this stage, which will be his biggest yet.