Chris Ballard won’t commit to Carson Wentz being Colts quarterback in 2022

After an embarrassing end to the 2021 season, the Colts don’t seem sure if Carson Wentz will start once Week 1 arrives next fall. 

Fans of the Indianapolis Colts are mad at Carson Wentz, who missed the postseason. His future with the team may be uncertain.

Wentz committed two errors in Week 18, losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars. This was in addition to his 26-11 loss to the worst team of the league. Colts general manager Chris Ballard won’t commit to Wentz being the starter next season despite a mostly good season.

Chris Ballard won’t commit to Carson Wentz as his 2022 starter

These are strong words from Ballard. When the Colts traded for Wentz, the team was hoping he’d be able to get back into a groove and get his back career on the right foot after his fall with the Eagles

Wentz was good this season with 3,563 yards passing and 27 touchdowns, but he was inconsistent in a few games.

Indy looked as though they had only one foot in the playoffs. No one expected them to fall to the Jaguars to close out the season and that’s exactly what happened. A $15 million dead cap hit would apply if the Colts released Wentz. Wentz is the best option, with Jacob Eason and Sam Ehlinger the only incumbents. Plus, the draft and free agent class aren’t littered with upgrades.

Wentz is most likely to return as the team’s starter next season, and he’s got to find a way to pick his game up and help this squad push for a potential AFC South title. The Colts cannot afford another year without the playoffs. If Wentz can’t lead the Colts to the playoffs next year, it’ll likely be what ends his time in Indianapolis.