Chiefs fans should be concerned about Tyreek Hills injury

After watching Tyreek Hill’s performance against the Broncos in the first period, Kansas City Chiefs fans should hold their breath.

The Chiefs‘ march to the playoffs has brought the confidence back to Kansas City after a rough start. However, KC’s offense picked up a concerning issue against the Broncos.

Star receiver Tyreek Hill sustained an apparent heel injury during pregame warmups.

Fears that he might be unable to play were quickly dispelled when he returned to the field during the first half. However, you soon realized that the relief and concern were not mutual.

Chiefs Injury Update: Tyreek Hills looked limited by the heel vs. Broncos

Hill was clearly handicapped by the injury.

In the first half, Hill looked worse than ever and Kansas City was no different. Travis Kelce was the first to get his team on board, and Drew Lock added two touchdowns for Denver. There were many special teams problems.

The Chiefs reduced the deficit with a late field goal, but they were still behind 14-10 at halftime.

Kansas City has already secured a playoff spot, but a win Saturday could help them secure a more favorable seed in the playoffs. So while it’s not do-or-die, there is an incentive for Hill to keep playing despite being banged up.

However, Hill’s health in the postseason is more important than seeding. If Hill were to make the injury worse it would severely hamper the Chiefs’ hopes, regardless of what matchups they draw.