Boomer Esiason: ‘Trusted source’ says Aaron Rodgers could boycott Super Bowl

A’ trusted source’ told Boomer Esiason that Aaron Rodgers could threaten a Super Bowl boycott to get his point across about COVID-19.

UPDATE: Aaron Rodgers denied the so-called rumor via social media. All of us can go back to not panicking.


The Green Bay PackersThey hold the No. They are the No.

On the ‘Boomer and Gio Show’ via WFAN, Esiason received a text from an NFL source he later revealed as ‘trusted’ that Rodgers could threaten to boycott the big game in hopes of getting Roger Goodell to overturn several of the league’s COVID-19 policies, including testing of asymptomatic players.

Rodgers has been vehemently against some of the league’s policies thus far — and has made that quite clear — while being unvaccinated himself. No. 12 had COVID-19 earlier this year and was forced to miss the Packers’ game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Packers: Could Aaron Rodgers really skip Super Bowl LVII with the Packers?

Rodgers is the favourite to win the NFL MVP title for the second year in a row. Rodgers will be playing against the Detroit Lions in Week 18 to prove it. The Packers already hold the No. Rodgers will be able to relax after this week, as they have been crowned the NFC’s No.1 seed and a bye in the first round.

Rodgers could do the unthinkable, and skip next season’s Super Bowl. If there’s any truth to this vague report, Rodgers would have to be willing to make good on his threat — which, per the text Esiason got, would be to skip the Super Bowl and next season. This would dramatically impact ratings and the NFL’s bottom line. This would be a significant test for Roger Goodell, who hopes to convince Rodgers to participate in the game and come to an agreement.

Per the message Esiason received, Rodgers has ‘told Jordan Love to be ready’, and made it clear to members in his inner circle he will make a stand.

However, for now, the report is speculative. The Packers would have to make their way through the playoffs unscathed, and Rodgers hasn’t given any indication he won’t play. Boycotting a Super Bowl — or threatening to do so — would have a significant impact on his legacy, and not in a good way.

Esiason appears During the show, verified the number of the phone.You can state that it was a trustworthy source. Still, consider this a ‘wait and see’ approach. This seems too farfetched for me to believe.