Bears will interview Brian Flores, former Dolphins coach, for a head coaching position

Brian Flores, former Miami Dolphins coach, has already been interviewed for a new position as head coach.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, Flores will interview for the Chicago Bears’ head coaching position. This was according to a source who was informed about the team’s plans.

On Monday, Ryan Pace fired Ryan Nagy, Bears coach, and Flores became a surprise star after the Dolphins’ Week-18 win over New England.

Ian Rapoport, NFL Network Insider, reported Monday that tensions between Flores’ general manager Chris Grier and Flores had boiled over the season. Stephen Ross, the owner of Flores, chose to support his GM and he fired Flores three times in a row.

Flores had a record of 24-25 in Miami over three seasons, but missed the playoffs every season. Under the new head coach, however, the Dolphins won back-to-back championship seasons, with a 9-8 record in 2021. Miami came out of a 1-7 hole in the first season, but it was not enough to make the playoffs.

Flores was sacked by the Dolphins. But, the former Patriots assistant must immediately be a top candidate for any other clubs that are looking for a new head coach. Flores demonstrated that he can field a fierce defense, and his teams have always been tough.

Flores’ plan for offense will be the key to Flores landing another coaching job. He has already cycled through Miami’s coordinators. Chicago now has its future QB in Justin Fields. The Bears interview will focus on Flores’ development of the young signal-caller.

Chicago is the first interview confirmed for Flores. But, expect him as a hot candidate to other clubs that have let go their coaches this cycle.