Bears to interview Brian Flores, head coach

Brian Flores is eager to land the Chicago Bears job as Matt Nagy’s replacement. 

Folks all over Miami still can’t get over the breaking news from earlier in the week that Brian Flores had been fired as head coach. Who the hell could have foreseen that happening? As you may have guessed, Flores is already attracting interest from other sources.

The Chicago Bears can now be added to the growing list of teams that may want Flores to visit the city. According to Tom Pelissero an NFL insider, Flores will be interviewed by the Bears. Will Flores, a former Dolphin, land the gig?

Brian Flores will interview for the Bears to assume the role of head coach

Since a while, it was expected that Matt Nagy would be fired by the Bears. It was actually a surprise that he made the final stretch of the regular season. Chicago let Nagy and Ryan Pace go after Week 18.

The Windy City needs some fresh faces to bring some optimism and hope into the organization. Flores could make a significant impact on this team. Again, no one really thought he’d be fired by Miami, but the Dolphins are ready to move in a different direction.

Flores could be hired by another team if Chicago and Flores do not decide to merge. Twitter shows that Chicagoans would love Flores as their new head coach. We’ll find out soon enough if the front office goes that way.