Aaron Rodgers plays Joe Judge with his ridiculous play-call

Aaron Rodgers put Joe Judge in a clown suit for his disastrous play-calling on third-and-9.

On Tuesday, Aaron Rodgers Pat McAfee ShowGreen Bay Packers quarterback Joe Judge was transformed into a CLAHN by the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers turned the script on Judge when asked about the AFC West Wild Card Spot Championship Game. It was almost a tie between the Los Angeles Chargers (LA Chargers) and the Las Vegas Raiders (Los Vegas Raiders).

“You play to win the game … nobody wants to be part of kneeling the s**t out to take a tie,” said Rodgers on Pat McAfee Show. “You know what would make me lose my mind almost as much as that … goal-line personnel & a QB sneak on 3rd & 9 on the -5.”

Yes, the worst football team did indeed go to goal-line personnel in their territory to run a quarterback slip. It is amazing that every Giants fan didn’t immediately get up and walk towards the parking lot. Giants fans are free to change their allegiances now that this team is the most entertaining clown show in Duval County.

This was The 2015 Indianapolis Colts saw the worst playcall since Pat McAfee..

Aaron Rodgers creates Joe Judge with clown makeup in The Pat McAfee Program

After living in a world that saw The Butt Fumble, The Worst Play in NFL History, Third-and-9 will be remembered as the worst play of the Giants’ history since the Second Miracle at the Meadowlands. Instead of Herm Edwards and DeSean Jackson ruining the Giants, they did it themselves. It’s been six years since Odell Jr. went on a boat. Now, we have this…

The New York Jets are somehow the better-run team that calls MetLife Stadium home at the end of the season. Since the discovery that Rex Ryan was a expert in toes, they have not been in playoffs. Bart Scott couldn’t wait and Mark Sanchez was still The Sanchize. Now the Giants are less impressive than the Little Giants without Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea.

The G-Men are disappointed that there isn’t a Junior Floyd in the 2022 NFL Draft to be their quarterback.