3 candidates to replace Matt Nagy now that he’s finally been fired

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines. (Mandatory credit: Jasen Vinlove – USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have finally fired head coach Matt Nagy and now have to replace him.

The Matt Nagy era for Chicago Bears football ended thankfully on Black Monday 2022.

It was an incredibly painful and arduous process the McCaskeys put the NFL world through, but it is finally over. Chicago should have been moving Nagy off the field a year back, but Chicago only made it to the NFC playoffs with a No. A 7 seed gives you an extra season, which you don’t deserve. The Bears have many problems, but they are capable of rebuilding if they so choose.

These are the top three candidates to replace Nagy as Bears’ head coach.

Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy has been fired and 3 candidates have been selected to replace him


Jim Harbaugh

Head Coach Michigan Wolverines

Jim Harbaugh is a reported NFL interest. He used to play for the Bears as a quarterback.

It remains to be determined if Jim Harbaugh will ever leave his alma matter after seven years. While some people remain in college for seven more years, they are known as doctors. Harbaugh is smart, but he is also known for his ability to coach and never stay too long. After four years with the Stanford Cardinal, he was then promoted to the San Francisco 49ers and served as their coach for four more seasons.

Harbaugh might be interested in the NFL again, but that would mean he would have to leave a top-tier college job. Harbaugh’s alma mater is coming off its best year in decades. Michigan won the Big Ten and reached the College Football Playoff, the first time ever in school history. But he may already have accomplished what he set out to do to help his alma matter.

Maybe the Michigan team that drafted him gives him a call. Chicago is in dire straits. They have no direction and they don’t possess their first-round draft pick. They do have a promising quarterback, who beat Michigan in Justin Fields at Ohio State. Together, maybe these former Big Ten “adversaries” can give Chicagoland a team to be proud of?

Harbaugh would be an excellent fit in Chicago but it is a big step to leave Michigan for the Bears.